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Swimming Carnival Season – District Representatives

We would like to say a massive congratulations to all our swim school and squad students. We are thrilled to be hearing about all your achievements at your local, district and regional carnivals that you are all participating in and smashing it all. 

Sia, Isla, Sophia, Ari, Leo and Minna we would like to congratulate you on your path to regional. Mention to Lucas, Mathew and Minna on your progression to Diocesan. 

Amaya and Lachlan we would like to congratulate you on your achievement of Senior girl and boy champions at your schools and Lucas on your achievement of junior boy champion. Age champion mentions that we would like to congratulate go to Jessica, Ashely, Minna and Matthew. 

We would like to acknowledge Mathew who has broken a record that has been standing for 22 years for the Western Region for 8 year old boys 50m freestyle. 

We are aware we have only made mention to a handful of our students in this article but next month we will be releasing another as the swimming season will have progressed. We are also aware of all the different levels required within the public, private and catholic school systems in regards to the different carnivals required to be attended. If you would like mention in the next article or there are achievements we have missed please email the centre or speak to the pool deck coordinator at your lesson. We want to cheer and support all achievements being made by BlueFit Swimming kids. Keep up the amazing work, we are so proud of all of you!







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