As of 12pm Monday 23rd March, Moss Vale War Memorial Aquatic Centre will close until further notice. All class payments and memberships will be put on hold and visit passes will be extended by 12 months. We’d like to thank the amazing team that bring you the services you love, this will be a difficult time for them and their families. We look forward to seeing you all again when we reopen

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Our aquatic and indoor gym facilities remain closed at this time. Outdoor Boot Camp sessions start on Monday May 25th.

Meet our LEA Trainees!

Get to know our LEA Trainee’s including what their goals are for the future, hobbies and what they chose to complete a traineeship!

Name: Caitlin 

(far fight of the photo)

Job Role: Lifeguard

What inspired you to apply for the traineeship? Having swam at the Moss Vale Aquatic Centre for the last 10 years (prior to the indoor pool being built), I have been able to familiarise myself with the facility and all of the different roles the staff contribute to making this a well-run and enjoyable centre to use. When I read about the traineeship and all the opportunities that it presented, I knew this would be the perfect progression for me (carrying on from my silver squad swimming classes). Now, I can still enjoy using this facility and also say that I work here too. I am proud to say

 that I am part of the BlueFit Team.

What are you aspirations or goals within the fitness and aquatic industry?

My aspirations and goals whilst working within the fitness and aquatic industry are firstly to obtain first hand experience and training from people who are keen to share their experiences with me. I am keen to maintain my own health and fitness and would eventually like to progress to the point where I can help others achieve their fitness goals or rehabilitate after illnesses or injury. I am also hopeful that one-day I will be able to teach swimming lessons and to coach the swim squad lessons. I also enjoy teaching and helping others to perfect their strokes.

Hobbies – My hobbies include swimming in school swimming carnivals and progressing to regionals and states. One of my other hobbies includes volunteering with Wombat Care Bundanoon, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wombats around the Southern Highlands.

Fun fact about me – I won the 2020 Young Australian of the Year for the Wingecarribee region and I won the 2020 Young Australian Conservationist of the Year from The Australian Wildlife Society. 


Name: Frances

(Centre of the photo)

Job Role: lifeguard

what inspired you to apply for the traineeship? I first got inspired to take an interest in lifeguarding when I started watching Bondi Rescue and from there on I’ve always had it on my ambition list, so when this opportunity came along, I thought I would apply and give it my best shot.

What are you aspirations or goals within the fitness and aquatic industry? My goal is to successfully become a lifeguard and if I get the opportunity, I would like to be a swim teacher.
Hobbies: My hobbies include spending time with my friends, playing sport, spending time outdoors especially with my dogs and I am always keen to go on an adventure.
Fun Fact: I can’t think of one either…


Name: Laura

(Far left of the photo)

Job Role: Lifeguard

What inspired you to apply for the traineeship?

I have always enjoyed swimming and being around the water and it just seemed like a really fun and enjoyable experience and I would also finish the apprenticeship with heaps of knowledge.

What are you aspirations or goals within the fitness and aquatic industry?

I want to be able to be a swim teacher and maybe a swim squad coach, I think it would be really enjoyable and rewarding to teach younger kids to swim and see them enjoy swimming and also to learn heaps of new things.


Swimming and other sports

Fun fact about you?

I have never moved houses

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