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Help Support Staff Member Kirrilee

As many of you know a very valued staff member of ours, Kirrilee, received some unfortunate news recently where she was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer. She had surgery in late January and is about to start a very daunting course of chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy. This vital treatment is going to push Kirrilee and her family to her limits emotionally and physically.

Kirrilee has been a valued member of the MVAC team for many years as a devoted swim instructor and squad coach, teaching kids from infant age through to adults and teenagers in the squad programs. Kirrilee always showed up to work with a smile and enthusiasm which is reflecting in every lesson she teaches.

Kirrilee and her family have tirelessly given to the Southern Highland’s community, through their major involvement in the Rural Bush Fire Brigade. Apart from this, Kirrilee selflessly volunteers in the Anglican Church Community, Moss Vale Amateur Swim Club, previously Jumping Joeys Playgroup, not to mention the numerous individuals she has mentored, counselled and supported over the years, which has made our community stronger.

Those of you who know Kirrilee, know that apart from her family, water is as vital to her as the oxygen we breathe. But unfortunately, during this treatment, there are going to be times when it is just too hard to get somewhere where she can be one with the element that grounds her … water!

This Go Fund Me page is aiming to raise enough funds to assist Kirrilee and her family financially. So, we are offering you a chance to support Kirrilee during these tough times. If you have the funds, please consider donating with the link below.






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