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We are thrilled to announce that with his annual Big Adventure quickly approaching, Bluey the Whale has hit the ground running, well, more accurately… hit the pool swimming!

What is Bluey’s Big Adventure?

Every year from April to September the BlueFit Swimming mascot, Bluey the Whale, sets out on a Big Adventure to find his friends. Throughout this adventure, current BlueFit Swimming students are tasked with helping him find them! Each week at their lesson students will collect a free sticker featuring one of our BlueFit Swimming characters. There are 15 unique stickers to collect, and once our dedicated students have found them all they can enter the draw to win a very special prize. Last year Melton Waves student, Elsie was the winner of a brand new iPad! This year’s prize will be announced closer to the commencement date.

How can I get involved?

To get involved, simply ensure you are enrolled in the BlueFit Swimming program and are attending lesson weekly. Participation in this promotion is only available for current BlueFit Swimming students.

To enrol into BlueFit Swimming, simply complete the online form on our website.

What does Bluey’s pre-season training look like?

Like our students, Bluey has been back attending his weekly swimming lessons alongside his friends to help improve his stamina. Outside of lessons he has also been getting his laps in, practising through all weather conditions, and remembering to always put safety first!

Here’s what Bluey has to say about his pre-season performance:

“Well friends, it’s been only a few months of recovery and I am proud to say that I’m back in the pool training. With plenty of help from my incredible friends at BlueFit Swimming, I have been showing great improvement. I have even achieved a new personal best! I cannot wait to share all the plans for my next adventure with you… it’ll be my biggest one yet!”

Don’t forget Bluey’s Big Sticker Book Adventure will begin in April this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for further information as the adventure approaches, and keep practising!

Enrol into BlueFit Swimming and get ready to join Bluey on his upcoming adventure!

Check out last year’s Big Adventure winner below!






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