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Superhero Safety Week 2020

What an awesome week we had during Safety Week, and this year BlueFit Swimming asked students to come dressed up as their favourite Superhero!

Safety Week is an important initiative that takes place during regular swimming lessons. Within the lesson there was a focus on water safety skills such as floating, survival sequences, treading water, survival strokes and basic rescue techniques.

We encouraged all students to bring shorts and t-shirts to swim in during their swimming lesson. Infants were encouraged to wear a t-shirt, parents and caregivers are also encouraged to wear a shirt. This creates a real-life scenario, if your child is in an accident, they will be in clothes. We want to ensure your child is prepared and safe this summer.

These skills are simply to offer additional focus on water safety and education in a fun environment. In the end, we want to provide the best possible water safety outcomes for your child. Safety Week provides us with the opportunity to focus on skills which could ultimately save a child’s life.

See all the fun we had below!






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