The 24/7 gym access door is out of order awaiting repairs. Gym facilities are currently only available during opening hours. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Summer Staff Shortages

We are thrilled to be opening back up and expanding our capacity and services as we adjust to post-pandemic life. It is becoming clear that the path back to “normal” may yet have some challenges for us in the weeks and months ahead.

Having our centres open is an exciting part of the freedoms we all enjoy now that we are all learning how to safely live with COVID-19. Unfortunately, with new variants and outbreaks of concern still present in the community, many people will still need to test and isolate from time to time. Our staff are no exception.

Our largely casual workforce has been significantly impacted over the last two years of lockdowns, with many forced to seek alternative employment. The remaining team members are working super hard to reinstate all our programs and services to you, but it appears that while we think they are superhuman – they are not immune to Covid-19!

Most of the facilities we manage are now being impacted by local teams having COVID or going into isolation as close contacts. With staff in short supply across the country we have had no alternative but to reduce operating hours and close facilities while we wait for them to be cleared to return to work. This situation is likely going to be with us through summer and your facility will be impacted at some point.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and website over the coming months, particularly if there is an outbreak close to home. We will always put your safety, and that of our team members, first. Occasionally that may mean we need to reduce our operating hours or make changes to programming. Please know that this is always the very last resort and is an incredibly difficult decision to make. We will always try to give you as much notice as possible but unfortunately, we don’t always have much time to act.

Thank you for your loyalty over the past two years. Many of you have ridden this wave with us and we are incredibly grateful for your support. We look forward to getting to the other side of this together.

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