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Stretches To Do Before & After Training

The more we age and the colder it gets, the more important it is to ensure your body is warmed up before any exercise.

A proper warm-up increases flexibility and blood flow to your body, which reduces the chance of muscle pull and joint pain. Furthermore, stretching after your workout will improve your range of motion and flexibility for future workouts.

Here are some stretches below to add to your next workout routine, whether it be before a gym session or swim or a run, these stretches will help your body be ready for your training.

Neck & Traps

Starting with your head neutral, tilt your ear to the closest shoulder with your hand applying light pressure on the top of your head to pull it down. Swap sides and repeat.


Stretch your arm out in front with your palm facing away, then using your other hand, lightly pull your fingers and top of your palm closer to your body. Swap hands and repeat.


Be standing and lift one hand onto your back. Using your other hand, place it on the elbow and push your arm down as further as it can go. Swap arms and repeat.


Start standing and put one leg in front and the other behind. Place your hands on either side of your front foot and keep your back leg near straight while pushing your hips down. Swap legs and repeat.

Core & Back

Lie down on your tummy with your hands on either side of your chest flat on the floor. Push off your hands to lift your chest up while keeping your hips as close to the ground as possible.

Hip Flexors & Legs

Be seated on the floor, have one leg bent with your foot close to your body and the other leg out straight. Reach both hands to the straight legs foot or as close as you can. Then swap legs and repeat.






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