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Here at Moss Vale Aquatic Centre we are fortunate to have many inspirational members. 

Those who visit the facility regularly, or even those who have only attended a group fitness class, would probably have spotted member Susie working out.

Susie is one of our loyal members and has been for many years. Throughout her time with us she has made an everlasting impression on the team. Her positive attitude and view on health is truly inspiring.

Susie believes that the secret to staying healthy is to eat nutritious foods and to keep moving. This belief is reflected in her very active lifestyle. Every week Susie walks the Gibbergunyah trail, but her exercise regime doesn’t just stop there. In addition to her hiking, Susie also does some strength training and participates in a few of our group fitness classes. These classes are sculpt, body pump and pilates.

Outside of her time in the gym, Susie also spends her days gardening, sewing, playing golf and skiing.

FUN FACT: Susie is the oldest skier in her ski club and won the gold medal in the Australian Masters Ski competition 2 years ago. Currently Susie is training in preparation to defend her Gold Medal Masters title this coming July!

When asked about her experience with Moss Vale Aquatic Centre, Susie had the following to say, “The interaction with people is lovely and the instructors are great!”

Further to this, Susie expressed her gratitude towards the local team, “I’d like to give the biggest thank you to the instructors who have been a big motivation to me. They’re the ones who have kept me going.”

Susie, you truly are an inspiration to many. Our team cannot thank you enough for your positive attitude and support. We cannot wait to see what you achieve next!






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