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Here at Moss Vale Aquatic Centre we are fortunate to have many inspirational members, including member Janise.

Many members will already be familiar with Janise, as she trains six days a week. This includes participating in a range of group fitness classes such as aqua aerobics, weight training, fit and fab and pilates!

Given what an inspiration Janise is, our team took some time to find out more about the person behind this incredible effort!

Outside of the gym Janise can often be found reading, writing, socialising and participating in her arts appreciation group.

Her passion for reading and writing has previously extended from her career, “I have been a journalist all my life – mainly in newspapers, and also working in television and radio. I’m so thankful to have had such a satisfying career that included 2 stints in the London bureau of Fairfax Media”.

Although working within the journalism industry is not the only work she has completed, “I also write books, and have had seven non-fiction books published, and more recently, my first novel, which was based on my own trip to Buenos Aires to learn the tango. And there’s the latest manuscript, called Life Lessons From a Middle-Aged Delinquent, which is currently looking for a publisher. Wish me luck!”.

Further to her lustrous career, Janise has also had many personal battles both in and out of the gym, “And on the personal side, I’ve had ups and downs like everybody. Breast cancer in 2016 was a challenge, but there’s something fine about feeling connected to other survivors…And I have a wonderful 34 year old son, Charlie, who’s much wiser than me”.

Janise believes that the key to happiness and health is to not worry too much, be kind, be active and be optimistic. Her best advice to others is to laugh a lot and keep moving as well as connecting with pals regularly and think of others.

Janise has described the Moss Vale Aquatic Centre as “exceptional. I’m so thankful MVAC exists, and I never take it for granted. Love the staff too and the chums I’ve made. It’s a real community!”.

Janise, you are a true inspiration. Our team is thrilled to have members like yourself in our community. We cannot wait to read ‘Life Lessons From a Middle-Aged Delinquent’!






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