The 24/7 gym access door is out of order awaiting repairs. Gym facilities are currently only available during opening hours. We apologise for any inconvenience.

BlueFit Swimming Returns

We are so excited to see our families and students back in the pool!

Swimming Lessons resumed from Saturday 16 October with the first swim school direct debit occurring on Friday 22 October.

Due to the new regulations by the NSW Government, if you’re not fully vaccinated and you have a child enrolled in swimming lessons you will need to make arrangements for a fully vaccinated adult to accompany them to their lessons. Alternatively, you can cancel out of classes or make use of make-ups when rules change again in December. Unfortunately, we cannot hold places and therefore we will not be able to guarantee your child a spot in the program when you become vaccinated or when restrictions ease.

For those that are excited to dive in again, now is more important than ever to ensure your water safety and swimming skills are up to scratch before summer begins. We are so happy to see you splashing around in Hurstville again!






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